NEST Studio for the Arts is thrilled to announce the unveiling of new public artwork on the exterior of the CASE building and at the Dairy Arts Center, accessible and visible from socially-distanced, outside environments. Artist and researcher Nina Elder recently visited the Boulder campus to complete PERMANENT/TRANSITORY—two large 2D artworks comprised of thoughts crowd-sourced from generous anonymous contributors that reflect our community’s collective and eclectic reality, and features a meticulous hand-drawn series of incomplete, nonhierarchical lists. 

The lists respond to the questions “What is Permanent?” for the NEST mural—CASE Building, Room W250, University of Colorado Boulder, 1725 Euclid Ave, Boulder, CO 80309—and “What is Transitory?” for the Dairy Arts Center mural—2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302. 

NEST’s Fall 2020 Showcase on the CASE building exterior also includes work from two NEST Graduate Fellowship projects: “The Coyotes of Broomfield” by Joelle Cicak & Emily Beam, and “High Altitude Birds” by Robert Martin, Joanne Marras Tate & Mathew Sharples. Work by Critical Media Practices faculty Pat Clark is also displayed. The murals will be on display until December. For more information on the work featured as part of the NEST Fall Gallery Showcase visit the exhibition website here.


This is made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the “Environmental Futures” Sawyer Seminar at the University of Colorado Boulder.

About Nina Elder:
Artist and researcher Nina Elder creates projects that reveal humanity’s dependence on and interruption of the natural world. With a focus on changing cultures and ecologies, Nina advocates collaboration, fostering relationships between institutions, artists, scientists, and communities. Her work takes many forms, including drawings, performative lectures, community projects, and public art.

About Dairy Arts Center:
The Dairy Arts Center connects a dynamic and diverse community of artists to create inspiring and engaging experiences in the performing, cinematic and visual arts. They are building a national reputation in the arts that reflects Boulder’s evolving artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.

About NEST Studio for the Arts:
Nature, Environment, Science & Technology (NEST) Studio for the Arts is a network of faculty, students, centers and campus units that combine artistic practice and scientific research to explore our common and disparate ways of observing, recording, experimenting and knowing. A series of cross-campus initiatives allow students to directly engage with faculty mentors and inspire alternate modes of communicating with the public.