The Science Production Studio (SPS) is a new undergraduate summer program at the University of Colorado Boulder organized by, and with support from, Fiske Planetarium, and NEST Studio for the Arts.

SPS seeks to produce innovative, creative and insightful media content at Fiske Planetarium’s production studio aimed to bridge the gap between scientists and broader audiences—including, and with a focus on, high school and undergraduate students—while welcoming everyone into the exhilarating journey of scientific discovery.

Undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder with interests as diverse as—but not limited to—science, science communication, storytelling, animation, journalism, social media, creative writing, copywriting, and visual design are encouraged to apply.

A committee with one member from each of our three supporting organizations selected—after a highly competitive process—a cross-disciplinary team of four undergraduate collaborators to staff and lead SPS as they work on a series of well-define yet open projects while also having access to an extensive and diverse group of professionals from all walks of life—and invaluable mentoring opportunities. At its core, SPS will conceive, design, publish and broadly disseminate (e.g., via social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram) media projects that aim to humanize scientists, demystify the process of scientific discovery, and/or make STEM career mentoring accessible to all.

Join us in welcoming the first SPS cohort: Aris Deaver (majoring in both Astrophysics, and Mathematics), Christine Leas-Burnley (majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, with a minor in Business & Financial Analytics), Chandler Sanchez (majoring in both Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Political Science), and Ethan Wang (majoring in Creative Technology & Design).

“When I was in high school, my physics teacher changed my view of science and who could study it, which led me to the path I am on now. I now strive to teach others the same lesson; that science is by everyone and for everyone.” —Aris Deaver


“Along with feeling passionately about bridging the gap between scientists and the public, I feel as though the public deserves to have a space to meaningfully engage with science and see ‘beyond the lab coat,’ if you will.” —Christine Leas-Burnley


“The Science Production Studio directly appeals to my own want to empower students to be able to find footing in the confusing and often gatekeeping world that can be science academia, so that they too can peruse their passions.” —Chandler Sanchez


“Even if I am not in love with the calculations and computations, I am very interested in learning and understanding concepts, and feel that this is very much in the spirit of what the SPS intends to do: connect and inspire interest in the sciences in an easily digestible manner.” —Ethan Wang